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Our 31 year-old Rough-Cut Cedar Siding needed some repair (split, warped and rotted pieces). They say you can tell a lot about a person based on their Vehicles. That’s what first caught my eye…Mike’s Truck/Trailer Curb appeal at a Neighbor’s.  I found his Website and emailed a Request for on-site visit for Quote.

Mike is the only Contractor who responded to my requests for an Estimate. He personally arrived on time with camera for pics…had an Fair-Priced and detailed Estimate to me within 2 weeks…and provided a likely timeframe to commence the Job. 

If Mike tells you he will do something, consider it done!  If he thinks you can do certain parts of the Job cheaper yourself, he tells you so. If there are “surprises” once a job is started, you are immediately advised with options

Mike’s obviously has an excellent Office Staff supporting the Business.  His Work Crew(s) are punctual, professional, personable, highly skilled and totally equipped. They clean up after themselves completely. 

Honest, Fair-Priced and Top-Notch Workmanship is a Winning combination!
I highly recommend that you consider Mike’s Handymen for your Home Repair and Improvement Jobs…Large or Small.

Mike Murphy
5816 Woodview Pass
Midland, MI




My wife and I have been clients of Mike Heal and his namesake business Mike's Handymen for several years. We're not sure how we got along without him before we met. He's made many repairs and changes around our house ranging from changing light bulbs to laying tile floors and refurbishing kitchen cabinets. He seems to be able to fix anything. Mike is talented, efficient and extremely conscientious about the quality of his work. He always leaves us with great results and his fees have always been reasonable. We recommend him very highly! So give him a call if you need things cleaned, repaired or remodeled around your home.



John & Vicki Walter



I have used Mike's Handymen for numerous personal repairs and projects at my home and have been 100% satisfied with their work and professionalism.  In addition to using them myself I recommend this company to many of my real estate clients and they have all been pleased with his workmanship and honesty.  He is trustworthy and reliable.  He will not recommend a repair if it is not needed and will not "overwork" a project for bigger financial gain.  I will continue to call on him for personal and professional home projects.

Jill Vander Zouwen, REALTOR


Jill Vander Zouwen, REALTOR

Park Place Homes

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